Relocating From The UK

If you are relocating abroad, whether it is for a new job, family or a life-style choice, you will be looking for a company that you can trust to arrange the shipping of your personal items for you.  Look no further as Mercator Relocation has the contacts and knowledge to arrange shipments all around the world.

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Some popular destinations for relocation include the USA, Australia, Qatar, Dubai, South Africa and Mexico.  These are just a few examples of where Mercator Relocation can arrange shipments to.  For more examples of where we can offer comprehensive shipping services to take a look at our map (this is not an exclusive list, so do get in touch if your destination country is not showing).

Our services for relocating from the UK include:

  • Your container (if you’re having one) to be delivered to your current house to be loaded over a period of time (ask for costing details of time span);
  • Labour for packing and loading at your current house;
  • Air freight – costs calculated by weight and dimensions;
  • Full container shipping by sea freight (for a 40 foot or 20 foot container) – costs on a per container unit basis;
  • Part container or pallet shipping by sea freight – price calculated by dimensions and weight of load;
  • Customs clearance in the destination country;
  • Delivery to the door of your new home;
  • Labour to unload and unpack (available in most countries, please ask).

Whether you are moving the entire contents of your house, or a minority of items, Mercator Relocation can handle your shipment.  We can offer services for smaller shipments, for example one pallet, or larger loads, for example a full 40 foot container.  If you have a small load, get in touch, as we may be able to palletise it for transit.

Once your load has arrived in its destination country, we can arrange for customs clearance in partnership with our local agent.  Then your items will be ready to be delivered to your new home, a service also offered by the Mercator Relocation team.

If you require assistance with unloading and unpacking, then ask if this is possible in your destination country at time of enquiry, we will do our best to fulfil your requirements.

When relocating from the UK you need a company who is experienced, professional and dedicated to making your move as simple as possible. We have many years’ experience in arranging International Relocation and Removals from the UK to far flung destinations. We work on total bespoke packages to suit your needs, we listen to your requirements and understand the pressure involved in moving to another country.

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