Mercator International Relocation Services

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We work on a purely case by case basis, we understand that no two relocation projects are the same, and with this in mind we can cater to your needs by  being flexible and arranging various different services such as:

Packing materials delivered to your door (UK Only) – you simply pick what you require from our product list, and we arrange delivery at a mutually convenient time.

Labour to pack/unpack your belongings on site – we can arrange for labour to pack your items at your current address, or to unpack into your new home.

Labour to lift, shift and load your items – we can arrange for labour at a later date to load the goods from the residence to truck or container, or to unload into your new home.

Sea freight for full 20 foot or 40 foot containers – cost is calculated on a per container basis.

Sea freight for part loads or pallets – cost is calculated by dimensions and weight.

Air freight – for shipments which are urgent – costs calculated by size and weight.

Insurance – insurance can be arranged for shipping purposes, please ask for more details.

Our Partners can assist with other areas of relocation services – we have established relationships with other service providers who can give advice and arrange other aspects of relocation – VISAs, home finding and school finding to name a few.